About Us

About Kiddism

Encouraging development Growth.

At Kiddism, we strive to provide an inclusive, nurturing and stimulating environment for children to learn, grow and explore. We believe in creating an environment of respect, communication and collaboration so that every child can reach their full potential.

Our Value

Better Future through Play

Where learning and fun come together for the perfect start to your child‘s education!”


We believe in imparting quality education, values and culture of our Nation to the kids who are going to be the future.


To achieve global excellence, potential and bring out the best of the abilities of a child with personal care and attention.

Note to the Parent

Caring Environment, Creative Learning

We often think we need to run out and buy special toys, music and games to stimulate our child’s development, but we have to remind ourselves that it is more important to provide the following, every-day activities you can do with your child to encourage brain development.


  • Give your child lots of love and No matter what a child’s age, holding, hugging, and listening are important ways to show your child they matter.
  • Interact with your child by talking, singing, playing, eating, and reading with your Your child will grow up feeling special and important to you. You will also learn a lot about your child’s interests and skills.
  • Read, read, Research has shown that children who are read to by their parents have a larger vocabulary than other children. Reading also provides children with new perspectives about the world we live in.
  • Learn some simple parenting skills for helping your child to learn how to The most important parenting skills are having consistent rules, rewarding behaviors you want to see your child do more of, and having consequences for behaviors you do not want your child to continue to do.
  • Limit TV time and video time to no more than 1-2 hours of educational viewing per
  • Ask for help when you need it from your spouse, partner, family, friends, and your child’s doctor or nurse Parenting is wonderful but it is not always easy.